Business Off-Site Storage & Backup Solution

Corporate Cloud Storage Center

Storage Center is a remote storage application of which the user can store, retrieve, and share files via web browser. More importantly, Storage Center provides off-site or remote backup via the Internet with StorageSync, a software client residing on the user's desktop. You can also access your storage on-the-go with Storapp, a mobile version of Storage Center.

Storage Center takes care of all your problems like:

  • Sending HUGE file over email
  • Hassle with using FTP
  • File Sharing and Collaboration
  • Synchronizing files
  • Loss of data due to hard disk failure of corruption
  • Virus attack

Data Backup & Protection

Schedule a daily, weekly or monthly backup on your business critical data to keep them safe from hardware failures, human errors, natural disasters or virus attacks.

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Huge File Sharing

Storage Center offers you multiple ways to share files. From sending huge files via URL links to sharing files in a collaborative folder, everything can be achieved within a few clicks.

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File Security & Privacy

Further secure your files by applying password encryption during file backup and sharing. Our storage solution also offers SSL connection and antivirus scanning.

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Protect Critical Data with Scheduled Backup

Our storage client, StorageSync, makes online and off-site backup possible. Simply install it on your notebook, desktop or file server to perform automated backup on your important files and folders.

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Access Files On The Go

Organize and share files from anywhere, anytime with Storapp, the mobile version of Storage Center.

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