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You have your own business web portal – companyname.com.my. That means your employees can access their work via multiple devices (computer, laptops, tablets etc.) anytime, anywhere. There's more. You can even customise your own logo / brand at your home page. With just a few clicks, you can share any Storage Center files via the Cloud. This is definitely a great alternative to e-mailing files or using FTP as it makes your business look more professional.

Mobile version of Storage Center, Storapp is dedicated to all AfterOffice Storage users. Securely access, share, upload and manage files from iOS and Android, not just the ones on your personal computer. Download NOW! Some of the core benefits include:

Improve Productivity

Wouldn‘t it be great to share instantly your photos and videos to your teams and customers from any location simply with your smartphone device? You are always connect to your files when you're away from your desk.

Other powerful features include:
  • Access all your documents, photos and videos anywhere, anytime.
  • Take a photo or video and upload directly to the cloud.
  • Upload your photos and videos from your device library.
  • Copy, rename and delete files on your cloud storage.
  • Drop stored files to your contact or other email addresses.
  • Download and save files to local phone storage.
  • Browse local file system and view file content.
  • Send huge files to others easily as download link in email.
  • Option to persist logon information for automatic login.
  • Set passcode lock to secure your storage access via your device.
  • FAQ and support email.

WebDAV only works in Windows. It enables the user to setup a web folder just like any other folders in Windows. The user can access the Storage Center via this web folder as if those files reside on the user's desktop. Thus enable the user to perform drag and drop of the files.

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