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Webmail provides a collaboration environment that allows business operations to be more efficient and effective. It also comes with many useful features such as threaded email, statistic, anti-spamming and anti-spoofing.

Virtual email address for each functional group

To create mail group (ie. or, of which is a virtual email address, as the mail address for a functional team within the business organization. A functional team in a business organization can be a sales team, marketing team, finance team, development team, product team and etc. Each of these teams can have their own mail group. Making it easier for the team to communicate among team members and also between functional groups.

One click to list all mails within a conversation

Over the years, AfterOffice has been promoting the concept of Cloud Computing in a not so conducive environment. Recently, with the maturing of the environment in broadband infrastructure and movement toward mobile broadband, interest and demand for the services offered by AfterOffice is on a steady rise.

Professional image

Your email will project a more professional image with a business email address, You can access your email with available mail clients such as Outlook Express or Eudora using POP3.

Collecting Remote Email

You are able to collect email from other email addresses using Remote POP3.

Using another identity

Sending email with a different identity, such as when it is required.

Composing Text Message (SMS)

Webmail has been elevated to new heights where you can send SMS messages directly to staff and customers straight from your webmail. You can also send messages to a group with multiple contacts at a time, giving you different channels of communication in one place.
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