Secure Business Email | Business Email Compromise (BEC) Solution

Corporate Webmail

AfterOffice Webmail provides a collaboration environment that allows business operations to be more efficient and effective. It also comes with many useful features such as threaded email, statistic, anti-spamming and anti-spoofing.

Ethical Management of Your Domain

Whether your domain is,, and so on, we practise the highest business ethic in domain management, making sure that any domain that you purchase through AfterOffice, you are actually the official owner or the registrant of your own domain. Beware that not all service providers are doing so. Do contact us at to find out if your current domain actually belongs to you.

Virtual email address for each functional group

This virtual email address or mail group (MG) is essentially a virtual email hub that receives any email and redirect to all members under the MG. For example, when an email is sent to a MG, Alan, Peter, Susan, and Betty, who are members of the sales team’s mail group, will receive this email respectively in their own inboxes. Say if Alan and Susan are the field sales who are on the go most of the time while Peter and Betty are the sales admin and coordinator who support the field sales, the MG ensures efficiency of the team as emails from customers will not get stuck on the field sales when the sales admin and coordinator are able to respond immediately.

Of course, if you have more than 1 sales team, you can always have MG for sales1, sales2, and so on. MG can be any name you wish it to be and there is no limit on how many you can create. Hence, besides team efficiency for sales group, you can create other functional groups for marketing team, finance team, development team, product team, support team, and etc. Each of these teams can have their own mail group, making it easier for the team to communicate among team members and also between functional groups.

Using the MG identity

With the MG setup, sending or replying email with the MG identity, such as to your customers, suppliers, or vendors is just as easy.

For more information please check out at AfterOffice Mail Group FAQ.

Suspicious Access Prevention (SAP)

SAP is AfterOffice proprietary solution to mitigate the Business Email Compromise (BEC). There are many ways hackers can get hold of your users’ email account and password. Most of the time, many users got tricked into giving out username and password via phishing email or URL. In many cases, user downloaded and installed malware with keylogger which captures all keystrokes from the user where the username and password to all different portals or system are stolen including their email.

Hacker will try to access the user’s email account and impersonate the original owner to scam your customer, supplier, vendors, and your own company, which could cost huge fortune for any of these parties. And AfterOffice SAP is designed to mitigate such attack which has helped many of our customers from falling prey into BEC. This BEC link will share more details on how these scams work with case studies for reference.

Outlook Plug-in (Windows) for Huge Attachment

It's a hassle when you need to attach a huge file attachment in your email and not knowing if the recipient's email server will reject due to the oversize of the attachment. However, with AfterOffice Outlook Plug-in you will be able to upload the attachment to AfterOffice Storage Center and embed a link from which your recipient can download the file. Best of all, your email will not be bounced due to attachment size anymore. The Outlook Plug-in can be downloaded here.

Professional image of your Brand

Your email with your own domain is the representation of your company and business. If you are still using free mail such as Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc even though you already have a domain and website, you are really doing yourself and your business a disservice. Remember, packaging is just as important as the content of the product if not more. The perceived value of the content is instantly increased with the appropriate packaging.

Security wise, having a few people sharing a free mail account is not exactly the best practice as a disgruntled employee may decide to delete some emails of the inbox and nobody will know about it.

Having individual free mail account for your business is equally bad, as now, you don’t own those business intelligence or customer reply that go to the individual free mail account. Not only your business intelligence would slip away, the customer might just leave with the email account that is owned by the staff who left.

Last but not least, free mail service provider is not responsible for the backup of your emails, if you think they are important to you. So make the right choice for your business.