AfterOffice Virtual Office (AVO)

Virtual Office application is known by many names including groupware, intranet, virtual officing, alternative officing, online office, cyber offices, private corporate portal etc. We called ours AVO Suite - the core of AfterOffice Virtual Office.

AVO Suite is a web-hosted application service targeted at the SME business community worldwide, offering a wide and comprehensive range of integrated scheduling, business communication and collaborations, and information management applications. It provides a secure space on the web where you and your team can easily access and share documents, calendars, and conduct online meeting and discussion anywhere, anytime, from any web-enabled devices. Your site is password-protected and designed to allow you to have control over access to your site.

AVO suite runs on your domain name. If you already have your own domain name or website, you can just sign-up and instruct your present web hosting company to point your Mail Exchange Record to our server. If you do not have one, you may register one yourself or get AfterOffice to help.

AVO is also an open architecture proprietary platform for you to deploy other eBusiness solutions either from AfterOffice and/or any third-party providers. With the ease of all solutions running on top of AVO platform, you need not have to deal with multiple passwords. We called this the comfort of Single-Sign-On.

Our Service Highlights


Your email will project a more professional image with a business email address, You can access your email with available mail clients such as Outlook Express or Eudora using POP3. In addition, you are able to collect email from other email addresses using Remote POP3.

Email Group

Keep your work group or project team in the loop through ONE email address, like or, with option to achieve prompt response from any member of a team.


Manage your private and group schedules efficiently and prioritize your work. Create and share calendars with various project teams or departmental personnel.

Web based IM (VOChat)

Click on online user's name and type quick text messages to anyone for a real time conversation. Instant Message enables you to manage multiple conversation simultaneously.

Storage Center

Store your files remotely and allow them to be accessible privately or share with others wherever they are. Sending large files could not be easier with the "Drop File" feature here.

Contact Manager

Keep your contacts online so you can access them at anytime anywhere

Project Manager

Allow a project leader to assign tasks, keep track of the project's milestones, and track team's progress on a 24/7 environment.


A handy online word processor when you need to do some writing without a disk.


Save your URL links here instead of the web browser. These URL links will be available no matter where or which computer you are using as long as there is an internet connection.

Task list

Keep yourself reminded on important tasks through your handphone (SMS) or pager.


A powerful Access Control and privilege management system allowing the Administrator to assign different rights to different user. Offering sophisticated control and access to different applications and information within your Virtual Office.

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