PHP & Database Hosting

AfterOffice offers PHP environment that provides businesses the flexibility and scalability to deliver their dynamic websites and web applications with shopping carts, WordPress, Drupal, joomla etc!

PHP module is an optional service attachable to the Supreme Package. Bundled with the 4 components-- Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP-- AfterOffice gives your business website more options and better performance!

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RM100 Per Year

  • 100MB MySQL
  • 1GB/day Bandwidth
  • 10% CPU Usage


RM200Per Year

  • 200MB MySQL
  • 2GB/day Bandwidth
  • 10% CPU Usage


RM500Per Year

  • 500MB MySQL
  • 5GB/day Bandwidth
  • 10% CPU Usage


RM1000Per Year

  • 1000MB MySQL
  • 10GB/day Bandwidth
  • 10% CPU Usage

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