About Us

AfterOffice.com Sdn. Bhd. (AfterOffice) is established in 2000.


Our goal is to provide and assist businesses to take advantage of the fixed and mobile broadband infrastructure to embrace a more effective and efficient management system.


Over the years, AfterOffice has been promoting the concept of Cloud Computing in a not so conducive environment. Recently, with the maturing of the environment in broadband infrastructure and movement toward mobile broadband, interest and demand for the services offered by AfterOffice is on a steady rise.

AfterOffice has a team of developers dedicate to developing web-based office and business solutions to provide the most affordable and practical services to small and medium enterprises (SME). We pride ourselves in providing the most affordable and innovative packages to suit the current and future needs of our customers. We offer more than just the Internet presence, but also enable our customers to improve efficiency and productivity, ensuring business success.

The New Way to Success

We’re on a mission to help people and organizations work better together by capturing the best of what every person has to offer.

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