Cloud Computing

Strong Foundation That Meets Your Business Needs

When you integrate AfterOffice Cloud platform as the backbone for your business operations, you are ready for your real business transformation. From fast performance servers to scalable infrastructure and powerful productivity apps, AfterOffice helps your organization stay agile and operate efficiently anytime, anywhere.

Concurrent User

Apart from “Cost”, most of us are looking for a quality hosting or application services. One of the aspects is concurrent user. Concurrent user refers to the number of simultaneous users connecting to the application service or the number of simultaneous visitors around the world that view your corporate website at once. If the concurrent user limit exceeds, additional visitors will receive errors when visiting your website. This means you will have higher chances of losing potential customers to your competitors.

At AfterOffice, we do something different to serve you better. Besides offering unlimited user accounts, we are also allowing minimum 100 visitors* to visit your website and 10 employees to access the application concurrently. With that, you will never have to worry about losing potential customers. Besides that, as an administrator, you don't have to waste time managing specific number of user accounts, as peak usage will be the crucial management factor.

Now, consider your organization is growing with a total of 100 employees, which would you decide for? 10 concurrent user licenses or 100 individual user licenses...

Server Redundancy

Today, most (not all, but most) service providers store your website and corporate data on one server. Should something happen to the server, your website would stop working. This can lead to data loss or extended downtime that could cause company revenue lost and employees frustrating experiences.

With AfterOffice redundant backup solution, we make these systems more reliable and efficient to keep the company’s workforces and their customers connected and operating. Your website and corporate data will be duplicated, and the copy will be kept in a separated backup server. If something happens to the primary server, the backup server will be taking over the roles. This allows your processes to continue running during significant downtime.

Multiple MX

Now more than ever, email is the powerful form of business communication. AfterOffice strives our best to maintain the mail infrastructure to provide quality email experiences to users. One of the safety approaches is to create multiple MX records for your domain name, where the secondary MX server will be promoted to receive and store your email if the primary MX server is down. That's how we make sure every important email reaches your mailbox.

Remote Site Backup

Remote site backup is also known as geographic redundancy. AfterOffice provides geographic redundancy services so that in the case of data center outage or unplanned downtime, your website can be rerouted to a different data center. It is a disaster recovery strategy that enables business continuity following a major disaster event, whether natural or man-made.