Meet Cloudtaq, an easy-to-use and convenient mobile application exclusively for Supreme Package and Storage Center users, to backup smart phone contacts to the cloud and restore them whenever you need it.

Hassle Free Contacts Backup and Restore

If your phone is lost, stolen or damaged, all your phone contacts will be gone forever if you haven’t had them backed up. Now, you don’t have to worry anymore. Use Cloudtaq to backup tens to thousands of contacts from your phone where you can access them through Storage Center anytime, anywhere. No more hassles such as cabling to your PC/laptop, synching to/from your emails or import and export troubles.

Share Contacts and Collaborate with Your Team

Backup contacts using Cloudtaq and share them between sales team or business partners with Storapp, where your team can connect and collaborate. Not only that, you can even use our Contact Editor to view, add and edit contact details via any web browser.

Unlimited Contacts, Devices and Backup Files

With Cloudtaq, you can backup and store unlimited versions of contacts to the cloud, as long as your Storage Center has sufficient space. In addition, we do not limit the number of devices you can use per account. As long as you installed the app on your mobile device, you are able to backup and restore contacts easily over the air.