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 ===== Webmaster Reference ===== ===== Webmaster Reference =====
   * [[dev:​webmaster:​vo_login_script|Virtual Office (VO) Login Script]]   * [[dev:​webmaster:​vo_login_script|Virtual Office (VO) Login Script]]
-  * [[https://​​form/​form-captcha.html ​|Afteroffice form-to-email template (v1.5)-- with captcha support]]+  * [[dev:webmaster:​ao_form_to_mail_captcha|AfterOffice Form-To-Mail Template ​with Captcha Support]]
   * [[dev:​webmaster:​obtain_ftp_or_lamp_info|Obtaining FTP or LAMP Information]]   * [[dev:​webmaster:​obtain_ftp_or_lamp_info|Obtaining FTP or LAMP Information]]
   * [[dev:​webmaster:​default_page_for_web_hosting|Default page for web hosting: index.html]]   * [[dev:​webmaster:​default_page_for_web_hosting|Default page for web hosting: index.html]]
   * [[dev:​webmaster:​ref_4_seconds_to_wait|Ref:​ '4 Seconds'​ to wait, not more]]   * [[dev:​webmaster:​ref_4_seconds_to_wait|Ref:​ '4 Seconds'​ to wait, not more]]
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