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 \\ \\
 +Afteroffice provides a generic login page for all the users. You can always login from:\\
 +Just specify your domain name on the host field. You can also use that page as a template, modify to use on your own web site. The point here is to change the "​host"​ field to your domain name (without www.) The host field can be invisible as well.
 +You may copy the following script and paste into the your login page.\\
 +Make sure you change the string of "​_yourDomainHere_"​ to your **real domain** ie: "​"​
 +<form name="​f"​ action="​http://​vo._yourDomainHere_/​cgi-bin/​vo/​st.login.vo"​ method="​post">​
 +<input type="​hidden"​ value="​_yourDomainHere_"​ name="​host">​Name:​ <input type="​text"​ name="​name"​ size=10 maxlength=24><​br>​
 +Password: <input type="​password"​ name="​pswd"​ size=8 maxlength=24><​br>​
 +Language: <script language="​JavaScript"​ src="​http://​​js/​language.js"></​script><​br>​
 +Time zone: <script language="​JavaScript"​ src="​http://​​js/​timezone.js"></​script><​br>​
 +<input type="​submit"​ value="​Login">​
 +If you wish to create simple feedback form, please refer to the template on: [[https://​​form/​form-captcha.html|Afteroffice form-to-email template (v1.5)-- with captcha support]]
 +Follow the template and modify to your requirement. The template consist of all descriptions on each individual field and functionally.\\
 +The form basically allows you to capture user input and deliver the result via email.\\
 +Email to if you have more questions on any of the above services.
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