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How to create a group email

You'll need to login as the Avomaster or voadmin to create new email group.

Please follow the steps below to create new email group.

  1. Go to Profile → Admin Task.
  2. Under Admin Tasks, select [Group].
  3. On the left hand side group bar, enter the new group name into the given field, and click [Create].
  4. Click on the new group name that you have created.
  5. Then, select the members that your wish to add to this email group and click Update once you complete.
  6. If you would like this group to be used for UCAR purposes, check the checkbox here.

**Note: Characters like “.” and “-” are not allowed in a group's name. If you'd like to have a descriptive or readable group name, please use underscore “_” instead. E.g. group_abc, team_alpha.

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