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How to install Wordpress via voPanel

To install Wordpress for your website, first you need to activate LAMP for your website hosting.

You can either install it manually, or follow the steps below to install Wordpress from voPanel.

  1. Login as the Avomaster or voadmin.
  2. Go to Profile → Admin Tasks.
  3. Select [LAMP Info].
  4. On your LAMP Account Information page, click [Manage Web Applications].
  5. Check the “Delete all files before installing the following Open Source Web Applications” checkbox, and select [Wordpress].
    You can select to delete all tables in MySQL if you have existing data in your database.
  6. Click [Rebuild Now].
    IMPORTANT: Please backup your website data before proceeding.
  7. Once it is successfully built, you will see the screen as follows.
  8. Now, go to your website at, and you will see the following screen.
    Select your preferred language and click [Continue].
  9. You need to obtain the LAMP information from your Avomaster/admin before you can proceed to setup on the next step.
    Once you have got this piece of information ready, click [Let's go!].
  10. Then enter the following information.

    Database Name: SQL Database (from LAMP Info)
    Username: SQL Login (from LAMP Info)
    Password: SQL Password (from LAMP Info)
    Maintain the Database Host and Table Prefix values.
  11. Click [Submit].
  12. Click [Run the install].
  13. Once it is installed, click [Log In].
  14. Please login with the default username: admin and password: 12qwaszx.
  15. Once you are logged in, please change the Wordpress admin password.

**Note that you may need to backup your existing website data first before installing Wordpress.

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