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Finding Missing Emails

We understand how frustrating it can be when emails go missing. If you’re experiencing any of the following issues, you’re in the right place:

  • I can’t find a particular email.
  • Some of my emails are missing.
  • All the emails in my Inbox have disappeared.
  • I’m expecting an email but I am not receiving it.

Here are some possible causes and troubleshooting instructions that we hope will help you resolve the issue.

Possible Cause 1: You may have accidentally deleted the email

Deleting an email accidentally or on purpose is a common way of emails go missing. Could it be you have selected the wrong message while cleaning out your Inbox, or accidentally deleted the message while on your phone or mail client?

Check if the email is in the Trash folder in your webmail. If you found it in the Trash folder, move it back to your Inbox.
Note that emails that are deleted on your webmail will reside in the Trash folder, until you manually remove them from Trash or sign out of your account.

If you have deleted the email on your mobile phone or mail client, try looking for it on the Trash/Deleted folder of your mail clients.

Possible Cause 2: You may have accidentally moved the emails to another folder

If you have viewed a particular message before while have not delete it, there's a possibility that you have “moved” it to other folders other than the Inbox folder.

Try searching the email in each folder of your webmail. If you also access emails through other mail clients, there is a possibility that you have moved the email into specific local folder in your mail client, which isn't synched to your webmail (thus not accessible from webmail).

Possible Cause 3: A setting in your mail client is causing emails to go missing from your webmail

Have you recently setup a mail client on your computer or mobile phone using POP3? If so, you may have accidentally downloaded the emails to that device, thus, pulling them off and removing them from the server.

Set up an IMAP account on that same device, then drag and drop the emails from the POP3 inbox to the IMAP inbox. This should sync them up with the server again. Finally, disable or reconfigure the POP3 account to leave a copy of message on the server.

Possible Cause 4: Your account may have been compromised

If you haven’t setup any POP3 before but having a lot of emails missing from the Inbox, it could be a sign that there’s a security issue with your account. Unauthorized or malicious users may sometimes delete emails after accessing someone else's account.

If you think that someone may have broken into your account, change your password immediately, and run antivirus scan to clean up any viruses and threats on your computer.

Possible Cause 5: An email rule is moving your emails automatically to specific folders

Have you configured any email rules that will automatically drop your emails to a specific folder? if so, your email could be filtered and dropped into some other folder other than your Inbox folder.

Check your mailbox rules and acquire your email in the specific folder.

Possible Cause 6: The email that you are expecting ended up in your Junk folder

Emails resided in the Junk folder could be deleted after specific number of days, following your junk setting. If your administrator has enabled the global junk filtering for your domain, please check with your administrator for further details.

If you're accessing emails through webmail and you are expecting an email from an external sender but not receiving it, please check your Junk folder. If it is in your Junk folder, unjunk it and add the external sender email address into your Address Book.

If you're accessing emails through mail client using IMAP, subscribe the Junk folder in your mail client so that you can view emails received in your junk.

If you're accessing emails through mail client using POP3, add a new POP3 account with the -Junk suffix to download emails from the Junk folder.

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