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I am not able to receive email from a sender. What should I do?

Sometimes, a person informs you that he/she has sent you an email, but you couldn’t see it in your mailbox. The following are some steps that you can follow to ensure that the emails could get to you:

Check if the email is in your Junk folder

Check whether the email is in your Junk folder. The email can be found in that folder most of the time. To make sure that the emails that are sent from the same sender won’t go into Junk again, add the sender into your address book.

Add the sender into your Address Book

If you can’t find the sender’s email on your Junk folder, try adding the sender email address into your webmail’s Address Book and request the sender to resend the email to you.

The Address Book is like your personal whitelist record. Emails sending from email addresses that are defined in this list will land at your Inbox. Please refer to this guide: Add Contact Into Webmail/VO Address Book

Whitelist the sender’s domain

Request your administrator (voadmin) to whitelist the sender’s domain on the Global Mail Rules. Then, request the sender to resend the email again to see you can receive it.

The Global Mail Rules is an incoming email traffic settings where your administrator can set who to block, and who to always allow. To find out more about Global Mail Rules, check out the guide here: Global Mail Rules

Contact us for further investigation

If you have tried all the methods above and still not getting a person’s email, drop us an email at, along with the following details:

  • Your email address,
  • The email address of the sender (whom you can’t receive an email from),
  • The date and time the sender sent the email
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