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Email Setup Guide for Samsung Android (IMAP)?

  1. To setup your email on your Android phone, first click on the Email icon on your phone's Application page.

  2. On the first page of the Set up email configuration page, enter your email address and password.
    Click on Manual setup to setup your mail server settings.

  3. Select IMAP account.

  4. Fill in the information for your incoming server settings.

    Note: you have to key in your full email address for User name.
    Press Next to proceed.

  5. Fill in the information for your outgoing server settings.

    Click Next to continue.

  6. On Account Options, select the options for Email check frequency.

    Click Next.

  7. Give an account name and displayed name for your email account.

    Click Done.

Your email account is then successfully added into your Android phone.

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