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 +====== Email Setup Guide for Microsoft Outlook 2013 (IMAP) ======
 +  - In Microsoft Outlook, from the menu, select **Tools** then **E-mail Accounts**.\\ {{:​faq:​email:​ms_outlook_imap:​ms1.png?​nolink|}}\\ \\
 +  - On the E-mail Accounts wizard window, select **Add a new e-mail account**, and then click **Next**.\\ {{:​faq:​email:​ms_outlook_imap:​ms2.png?​nolink|}}\\ \\
 +  - On the Server Type page, make sure to choose “**IMAP**” as the server type.\\ {{:​faq:​email:​ms_outlook_imap:​ms3.png?​nolink|}}\\ \\
 +  - On Internet Email settings, enter in the following information (replacing “” with your domain name):\\ {{:​faq:​email:​ms_outlook_imap:​ms4.png?​nolink|}}\\ \\ Now we need to setup the outgoing email. To do this, click on the “More Settings” button, where you’ll be presented with the following screen.\\ \\
 +  - On the **Outgoing Server** tab, make sure that the option for **My Outgoing Server (SMTP) requires authentication** is checked.\\ Choose **Use same settings as my incoming mail server**.\\ {{:​faq:​email:​ms_outlook_imap:​ms5.png?​nolink|}}\\ \\
 +  - Go to the **Advanced** tab. Check that the port numbers for both incoming and outgoing servers are correct.\\ {{:​faq:​email:​ms_outlook_imap:​ms6.png?​nolink|}}\\ \\ Click “**OK**” to save the settings done.\\ \\
 +  - Now we’re back to the Email Accounts page. Click “**Next**”.\\ {{:​faq:​email:​ms_outlook_imap:​ms7.png?​nolink|}}\\ \\
 +  - Click “**Finish**”.\\ {{:​faq:​email:​ms_outlook_imap:​ms8.png?​nolink|}}\\ \\
 +Your account is successfully added to your Microsoft Outlook.
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