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 +====== Email Setup Guide for Windows Mobile 5 (POP3) ======
 +This guide will help you set up your device'​s Windows Mobile 5 email software to send/​receive emails.\\
 +  - Open the device'​s e-mail client by selecting **Messaging** from the **Start** menu.\\ {{:​faq:​email:​win_mobile_pop3:​1.png?​nolink|}}\\ \\
 +  - Select **New Account** from the **Accounts** menu.\\ {{:​faq:​email:​win_mobile_pop3:​2.png?​nolink|}}\\ \\
 +  - Provide your e-mail address in the **Enter e-mail address** field. Tap **Next**.\\ {{:​faq:​email:​win_mobile_pop3:​3.png?​nolink|}}\\ \\
 +  - At the **Auto configuration** screen, tap **Next** (or **Skip** if the process has not been completed).\\ {{:​faq:​email:​win_mobile_pop3:​4.png?​nolink|}}\\ \\
 +  - Enter your name in the **Your Name** field and your Internet ID in the **User name** field. Tap **Next**.\\ {{:​faq:​email:​win_mobile_pop3:​5.png?​nolink|}}\\ \\
 +  - Select **POP3** for **Account type** and enter a useful name for this account, e.g., user. Tap **Next**.\\ {{:​faq:​email:​win_mobile_pop3:​6.png?​nolink|}}\\ \\
 +  - At the **Server information** screen, enter the following information.\\ . **Incoming mail:**\\ . **Outgoing mail:**\\ . **Domain:**\\ {{:​faq:​email:​win_mobile_pop3:​7.png?​nolink|}}\\ \\
 +  - Tap **Options**.
 +  - For your device to check for new messages, automatically,​ check the **Connect and check for new messages every** box and specify the number of minutes between checks (15-20 or more is recommended). Verify that **Connection** is set appropriately for your device. Tap **Next**.\\ {{:​faq:​email:​win_mobile_pop3:​8.png?​nolink|}}\\ \\
 +  - Unchecked the option :- **Require SSL connection**,​ **Outgoing e-mail server requires authentication**,​ and **Use Separate Settings** boxes. To limit the date range of messages to be downloaded to the device, check the **Only display messages from the last X days** box and set the number of days accordingly. Tap **Outgoing Settings**.\\ {{:​faq:​email:​win_mobile_pop3:​9.png?​nolink|}}\\ \\
 +  - Select either **Get message headers only** or **Get full copy of messages** from the drop-down list. Downloading message headers only may drastically reduce the amount of time required to receive messages and does allow full messages to be downloaded individually. If receiving headers only, set the **Include** option accordingly (this determines how much of the message will be downloaded initially). Tap **Finish**.\\ {{:​faq:​email:​win_mobile_pop3:​10.png?​nolink|}}\\ \\
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