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 +====== What is Mailbox Rules? ======
 +Mailbox Rules helps you to organize the email and folder. Mailbox Rules will be triggered by predefined keywords and automatically transfer the email to the specific folder.\\
 +**The Essentials:​**
 +  * Click on [Email] and click on [Rules] under configuration section.
 +  * Fill in the desire keyword in the field provided.
 +  * Checked on [Move to] option.
 +  * Select the destination of the email to be move to //​folder-name//​ from the drop down list.
 +  * Marked as Read – Once the email has been transferred to the new selected folder, the email will be marked as “Read”.
 +  * Not Junk – Email with the keyword specified would not be classified as “Junk Mail”.
 +**Applying Rules:**
 +  * Check the [Execute Junk filter first] option, if you want to filter the email before applying the rules.
 +  * Check the [Schedule] option and click [Configure],​ if you want to run the rules on scheduled time only. Choose your scheduled day and/or time and click [Update] to save your configuration.
 +  * Click [Save Setting] to apply the rules.
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