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 +====== How to login from other countries with SAP? ======
 +To enable your account to login from other countries, please set your SAP ([[faq:​network_and_security:​what_is_sap|Suspicious Access Prevention]]) settings before you travel out of the country.
 +To do so,
 +  - Login to your account and go to **Profile**.
 +  - Select **SAP**.\\ {{:​faq:​profile:​sap:​screenshot_from_2018-06-12_14_33_54.png|}}
 +  - Type in the country that you wish to login your account from. Note that you can add multiple countries into this list if you are travelling to multiple countries.\\ {{:​faq:​profile:​sap:​sap-ui2-3.png?​|}}
 +  - Scroll down and click [Update] to save.\\ {{:​faq:​profile:​sap:​sap-ui2-4.png?​|}}
 +If you are at a foreign location and you are trying to access your account but getting the following message, please contact your administrator to [[faq:​administrator:​how_to_reset_user_s_sap_settings|reset your SAP settings]].
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