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 +====== Can I transfer my contacts from my current phone to another phone? ======
 +Yes. You can transfer your contacts from iPhone to iPhone, iPod to iPod, Android to Android, iPhone to iPod, iPhone/iPod to Android, and vice versa; as long as you have [[faq:​storage:​what_is_storapp|Storapp]] installed on your [[https://​​my/​app/​storapp/​id635767943?​mt=8|iPhone/​iPod]] or [[https://​​store/​apps/​details?​id=com.afteroffice.storapp|Android mobile devices]].\\
 +Simply backup the contacts on your current phone and then restore them to a new/another phone.\\
 +//Note: The current version of Storapp will replace your contacts instead of merging them.//
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