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 +====== What are the default folders in Storage Center? ======
 +On Storage Center, you will notice several default folders that serve for different needs.\\
 +**[Company HomePage]** folder is only accessible to the administrator (admin) of your company (domain). The Administrator can build a company related homepage here.\\
 +**[Company Share]** is where you can share files and folders among co-workers within the company. Only the Administrator (avomaster) can create and remove sub-folders within [Company Share]. If additional folders are required, please contact the Administrator of your Storage Center.\\
 +**[Network Share]** folder stores all folders being shared to you by others from their Private folder. You can collaborate and share files with these individuals privately here.\\
 +**[Private]** is the folder where you manage all your private files and folders. This is where you should back up your personal data files to.\\
 +**[Private HomePage]** folder is where the user can upload his/her private homepage. Although the whole world can see your homepage, only you can manage and alter its contents.\\
 +**[Public Share]** folder is reserved for AfterOffice to keep software and user guides for users to download.\\
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