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   * [[faq:​vo_calendar:​who_can_i_share_my_calendar_with|Who can I share my calendar with?]]   * [[faq:​vo_calendar:​who_can_i_share_my_calendar_with|Who can I share my calendar with?]]
   * [[faq:​vo_calendar:​how_to_accept_calendar_from_others|How to accept calendar from others?]]   * [[faq:​vo_calendar:​how_to_accept_calendar_from_others|How to accept calendar from others?]]
-  * [[faq:​vo_calendar:​how_to_set_email_alert_for_an_event|How to set email alert for an event?]]+  * [[faq:​vo_calendar:​how_to_set_reminder_alert_for_an_event|How to set reminder ​alert for an event?]]
   * [[faq:​vo_calendar:​can_i_customize_my_calendar|Can I customize my calendar?]]   * [[faq:​vo_calendar:​can_i_customize_my_calendar|Can I customize my calendar?]]
   * [[faq:​vo_calendar:​how_to_delete_a_calendar|How to delete a calendar?]]   * [[faq:​vo_calendar:​how_to_delete_a_calendar|How to delete a calendar?]]
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