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Setting up mail client with AVO POP3 server

POP3 server (incoming mail server)

Afteroffice uses as standard mail server for all customers.

You are advice to use your own mail server in the form of:


where eg: for, the mail server will be:

SMTP server (outgoing mail server)

You SMTP server is the SAME with your POP3 server.

Note that Afteroffice SMTP server allows only genuine user to send email. You will need to check your email first by performing a POP3 session, then only perform a SMTP session to send your email out (pop-before-smtp). For best experience on sending email, configure SMTP with authentication instead.

You must also set the sender email address in your mail client to the exact email address that you use in VO.

POP3 id (login name)

The POP3 id (also known as login name) is your full email.

Example email to setup:

For Outlook Express, Netscape Mail, Mozilla and most mail client applications, you may use full email as your POP3 id. This is the most convenient method to configure your mail client. Afteroffice recommends you use this method for all your mail client configurations.

Advance: Getting email from Junk mailbox

You can get email from Junk mailbox instead of the default Inbox, by specifying -Junk suffix to your login name, like follows:

Note that Junk mailbox name are case sensitive, and it is the only one special mailbox available under POP3 access.

Use IMAP instead of POP3 if you wish to access multiple mailboxes with mail client.

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