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How to change Avomaster alternate email?

It is important to have the Avomaster’s alternate email address updated, as it is a way to recover the Avomaster account’s password in case you have lost or forgotten about it.

If you would like to request a change to your Avomaster alternate email address, you must submit your company/official letterhead consisting of:

  • Company logo, name, address, contact information, chop/stamp
  • Your VO avomaster account full email address
  • The new alternate email address
  • Name, position and signature of authorized personnel

Sample letterhead:

You may submit your request by email to

Please be informed that as Avomaster is the power user of your Virtual Office (VO) account who can do all configurations on all your VO users, we need to enforce the above policy for your account’s safety and for security purposes.

Note that only a maximum of three (3) email addresses are allowed to be assigned to your Avomaster's alternate email addresses.

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