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Blacklist a Sender Email Address on your Webmail

If you are constantly receiving email that you identified as spam or junk mail in your Inbox, you can either set it as Junk using the Global Mail Rules or blacklist the sender email address from your webmail.

There are two options to do so:

I. Block Email Address from Webmail Viewer

  1. Go to webmail.
  2. Open the junk mail that you received in your Inbox.

  3. Click on the [ Block ] button near the “From” field.

  4. The sender email address will be automatically added into your blacklist option.

II. Add Email Address to Blacklist

  1. Go to Email.
  2. Under Configuration, select Options.
  3. Scroll down till you see the Black list option, and key in the email address that you wanted to blacklist on the given field.
    Remember to select the Black list checkbox.

  4. Click the [ Save ] button at the bottom to save your configuration.
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