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Why does my email client keep showing certificate warning?

When you are connecting to your email server using SSL connection (secure IMAP on port 993 or secure POP3 on port 995, and secure SMTP port on 465), or when your mail server enforces TLS/STARTTLS to all connections, the server provides the SSL certificate to your mail client (e.g. Ms Outlook). The mail client then analyzes the certificate and verifies against the mail server address that you are using.

AfterOffice is using a global network exchange domain * as the secure certificate. If you are using as the mail server address, the mail client will display a certificate warning message as it finds that the mail server address does not match with the certificate.

When you receive such warning, click [Yes] or [Trust] to accept the secure certificate. If you are constantly getting this warning, please drop us an email at for further assistance.

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