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 +====== Export Contact from Outlook Express ======
 +  - Open Outlook Express, select **File** menu -> **Export** -> **Address Book**.\\ {{:​faq:​email:​oe_export_contact:​01.png?​nolink|}}\\ \\
 +  - Select the "Text File (Comma Separated Values)"​ and click "​**Export**"​.\\ {{:​faq:​email:​oe_export_contact:​02.png?​nolink|}}\\ \\
 +  - Specify the file name, you can use "​addressbook"​ and click "​**Next**"​.\\ {{:​faq:​email:​oe_export_contact:​03.png?​nolink|}}\\ \\
 +  - Select the fields that you wish to export. Make sure you have at least the "​Name",​ "​Nickname"​ and "​E-mail Address"​ selected. Click "​**Finish**"​ to continue.\\ {{:​faq:​email:​oe_export_contact:​04.png?​nolink|}}\\ \\
 +A new file by the name of "​addressbook.csv"​ will be created.\\
 +You may select this file in VO to import it at Webmail -> Address -> Import/​Export
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