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How do I delete more than 1 message at a time?

At some point, folders in your webmail will be filled with too much email to a point where you've already reach or exceeded your maximum allocated email space. With mails regarding customer inquiry and business opportunities constantly landing in your inbox, its just a matter of time before you take the initiative to start to clean up your mail folders.

Referring to the image below :

1. From the Email page, select any folder in which you intend to clean up.
2. This part covers “three” ways to select mails to be deleted. Select the :

  • checkbox in Yellow to select ALL mails in the current page. If you wish to select larger volumes of mails at one time to speed up the cleaning process, you can refer to the link : .
  • mails in the mailbox individually like the ones in Purple. You can select which mails you wish to delete and retain with ease.
  • Select all option in Green and another option will appear : . Make sure this option is checked.

3. After deciding which option to pick and the respective mails have been selected, simply press the “Delete” .

Side note: Mails that are deleted on your webmail folder(besides Trash) will reside in the Trash folder, until you manually remove them from Trash or sign out of your account.

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