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 +====== Import Contacts into Outlook Express ======
 +Do you want to import:\\
 +- Contacts exported from your webmail (learn how); or\\
 +- Any contact files (.csv) that you have\\
 +into your Outlook Express?\\
 +You can follow the steps below:\\
 +  - Perform one of the following steps, as applicable:​\\ . In Outlook Express 4.0 and 4.01, point to Import on the File menu, and then click **Address Book**.\\ . In Outlook Express 5, point to **Import** on the **File** menu, and then click **Other Address Book**.\\ {{:​faq:​email:​oe_import_contacts:​p1.png?​nolink|}}\\ \\
 +  - Click **Text File (Comma Separated Values)**, and then click **Next**.\\ {{:​faq:​email:​oe_import_contacts:​p2.png?​nolink|}}\\ \\
 +  - Locate and click the .csv file that you exported from webmail, and then click **Next**.\\ {{:​faq:​email:​oe_import_contacts:​p3.png?​nolink|}}\\ \\
 +  - Map the text fields in the .csv file to the appropriate address book fields:\\ a. Click to select the check box of the text field that you want to map.\\ b. In the **Change Mapping** dialog box, click the appropriate address book field.\\ c. Click to select the **Import This Field** check box, and then click **OK**.\\ {{:​faq:​email:​oe_import_contacts:​p4.png?​nolink|}}\\ \\
 +  - Click **Finish**.\\ {{:​faq:​email:​oe_import_contacts:​p5.png?​nolink|}}
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