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 +====== Email Setup Guide for Samsung Android (IMAP)? ======
 +  - To setup your email on your Android phone, first click on the **Email** icon on your phone'​s Application page.\\ {{:​faq:​email:​android_imap:​samsung0.png?​nolink|}}\\ \\
 +  - On the first page of the Set up email configuration page, enter your email address and password.\\ Click on **Manual setup** to setup your mail server settings.\\ {{:​faq:​email:​android_imap:​samsung1.png?​nolink|}}\\ \\
 +  - Select **IMAP** account.\\ {{:​faq:​email:​android_imap:​samsung2.png?​nolink|}}\\ \\
 +  - Fill in the information for your incoming server settings.\\ {{:​faq:​email:​android_imap:​samsung3.png?​nolink|}}\\ **Note:** you have to key in your **full email address** for **User name**.\\ Press **Next** to proceed.\\ \\
 +  - Fill in the information for your outgoing server settings.\\ {{:​faq:​email:​android_imap:​samsung4.png?​nolink|}}\\ Click **Next** to continue.\\ \\
 +  - On Account Options, select the options for Email check frequency.\\ {{:​faq:​email:​android_imap:​samsung5.png?​nolink|}}\\ Click **Next**.\\ \\
 +  - Give an account name and displayed name for your email account.\\ {{:​faq:​email:​android_imap:​samsung6.png?​nolink|}}\\ Click **Done**.\\
 +Your email account is then successfully added into your Android phone.
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