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Email Setup Guide for Apple Mac Mail (IMAP)

Updates 2019-09
AfterOffice mail system has been updated to support TLS/SSL connection on Apple Mac Mail. To view the latest guide on setting up IMAP account with secure ports on Mac Mail, please visit Email Setup: Apple Mac Mail (Secure IMAP).

To setup an IMAP email account on your Mac Mail, please follow the steps below.

Email address:

  1. Open Mail.

  2. Select File, then Add Account.
    Note that if this is the first time you've opened Mail, you will be automatically prompted to add an account.

  3. Key in your full name, email address and password. Then proceed by clicking Continue.

  4. Key in your incoming mail settings on Incoming Mail Server.
    Note: Key in your full email address on the User Name field.

    Click Continue to proceed.
  5. Key in your outgoing mail settings on Outgoing Mail Server.
    Note: Select Use Authentication and key in your full email address and password on the relevant fields.

    Proceed with Continue.
  6. When prompted for below message, select Setup Manually to further configure your outgoing mail settings.

  7. Select Password for authentication. Click Continue.

  8. Make sure that the option Take account online is selected.
    Click Create to create the account.

  9. Before you continue to use your Mail, there are some other configurations to be done. Go to Mail, then Preferences.

  10. On Account Information tab, select Edit SMTP Server List on the Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP) field.

  11. Select Use custom port and fill in as 587.
    Click OK.

  12. Now go to the Advanced tab. Turn off Use SSL on IMAP port.

  13. Save the settings done and close the window.

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