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Email Setup Guide for Microsoft Outlook on Android (Secure IMAP)

1. Launch Outlook app from your mobile.

2. If there is no account being set up on the app before, it will show the following screen. Click [GET STARTED] to continue.

3. Then, enter your email address into the given field, and click [CONTINUE].

4. Click on the [SETUP ACCOUNT MANUALLY] button if it is shown. If it is not shown then skip to step 6.

5. On “Choose account type”, click on IMAP.

6. Enter your password, display name and description, and click on the tick button to complete the setup.

7. If you encounter error during the setup, turn on the ADVANCED SETTINGS at the bottom, and check the following settings:

IMAP Incoming Mail Server:

Settings Content
IMAP Host Name OR
(where is your actual domain)
IMAP Username (your full email address, e.g.
IMAP Password (your password)

SMTP Outgoing Mail Server:

Settings Content
SMTP Username (your full email address, e.g.
SMTP Password ( your password)

*Note: For SMTP, use port 587 for STARTTLS encryption and port 465 for SSL/TLS encryption. For more information please refer to Secure IMAP/POP3 and SMTP FAQ

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