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Email Setup Guide for Windows Mobile 5 (POP3)

Please refer to the steps below to setup your email on Nokia Lumia.

Taking an example of:

  • Name: David
  • Email Address:
  1. On your phone's main screen, swipe left.

  2. Scroll down and select [Settings].

  3. Select [email+accounts].

  4. Select [add an account].

  5. Choose [advanced setup].

  6. Here, key in your full email address in [Email address] and your email account password on [Password].
  7. Choose [next] to continue.
  8. Tap [internet email].
  9. On [Account name], key in your full email address.
  10. On [Your name], key in your name.
  11. On [Incoming mail server], enter e.g.
  12. Choose [IMAP4].
  13. On [Username], key in your full email address. e.g.
  14. On [Password], key in your email account password.
  15. On [Outgoing (SMTP) mail server], key in e.g.
  16. Remember to check both [Outgoing server requires authentication] and [Use the same user name and password for sending email].
  17. Then, scroll down and tap [advanced settings].
  18. Make sure to uncheck both [Require SSL for incoming email] and [Require SSL for outgoing email].
  19. Click [sign in].

Your email is successfully setup on your Nokia Lumia.

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