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Why is important email going into my Junk mailbox?

Question: My important emails are going into my Junk mailbox. Why and what should I do?

When an external user sends an email message to your account, the mail server evaluates the content of the message and assigns the message a ranking based on the probability that the message is a junk mail. Emails could be rated with high junk ranking due to the sender's mail server reputation, the use of inappropriate subject title, or other related factors. The higher the junk ranking, the higher possibility for the email to be delivered onto the Junk mailbox.

There are a few ways you could do to avoid important emails being moved to Junk:

  1. Add the sender as your contact of your Address Book
    Please refer to the article: How to add a contact in your Address Book.
    Please also ensure that on Global Junk Mail Control or individual's Junk Setting, the option for “Sender is in user's Contact list” is selected.

  2. Global Mail Rules- Pass the sender's domain or email address
    Please refer to Global Mail Rules for setup details.
    You need to be a voadmin user or login as Avomaster to configure this setting.

  3. Junk Filtering- Increase junk level
    You can increase the level of junk filtering so that you are able to receive higher rank emails on your Inbox.
    However, by increasing the junk filtering level would mean you will get more spam emails on your Inbox.
    Please refer Junk Filtering Setup to configure your junk filtering settings or consult your Administrator for Global Junk Filtering Setup.
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