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Why is recipient's email being used as the from address for forwarded and redirected mails?

In order to maintain good reputation for your email and domain, we have recently performed an update, which is to use the recipient address (instead of the original sender address) as the “From” address, when an email redirect/bcc forwarding takes place.

For example, is set to redirect mails to When sends an email to, Peter will receive a copy of that email. In this case, Peter will see Amy's identity as the sender's name, but the “From” email is instead of

This update is required due to the fact that if the original sender address is used as the “From” address when forwarding emails, these emails would most likely be regarded as spoof mails at the final/forwarded recipient and would be blacklisted/rejected, as they were sent out using different identity. Your mail server/domain reputation would then be affected, which would result in other recipients rejecting and blocking your emails.

Although the email forwarding feature is now forwarding email using the actual recipient's address, the final recipient (who receives the redirected/forwarded mail) will still know the identity of the original sender, as the sender's name and email are still available in the “Name” field.

This update will also increase the delivery rate of the forwarded mail.

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