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Celcom 3G network connectivity issue

Celcom 3G customers may experience network connectivity issue while accessing their website and email server.

Based on our experience with Celcom 3G:

  1. All IP starting with 10.191.* and 10.167.* worked well.
  2. All IP starting with 10.177.* and 10.188.* does not work.

Meaning that if your mobile phone obtained an IP that starts with 10.188 or 10.177, you are likely to get connection problem to your email server and login via the web browser.

We have informed Celcom about this. Their latest respond to our report (1st Sept 2010) stated:

"Celcom is looking forward to provide 'Public IP address' for our Broadband customer.
You may contact our Technical Helpdesk at 1111 (via Celcom Mobile) or 1300111000 (others) for assistance"

We have no idea as when Celcom will abandon their existing “private IP” practice for all of their 3G users, but we believed that's could be the only way for them to resolve the problem.

Meanwhile, drop your connection and redial to obtain a new IP (to get within the range of 10.191 and 10.167)– is the only way that works for now.

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