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Announcement from AfterOffice: Drag-and-Drop Files

Meet Storage Center new feature: Drag-and-Drop Files
Uploading files to AfterOffice Storage Center just got easier. You can now upload file by just dragging and dropping it from your desktop on to Personal Folders section.
You can also drag multiple files at once. There are no plugins needed for this feature to work.

To drag and drop files from your hard drive into AfterOffice Storage Center,

  1. Click on the Personal Folders section in AfterOffice Storage Center
  2. Select multiple files from your local drive.
  3. Drag and drop them on-to the desired folders in the Personal Folders section.
  4. Your documents are uploaded automatically to the desired folder.

Try AfterOffice Storage Center to get you stay organized, manage your files better, and locate your files faster.

See more on how Drag-and-Drop works by click to

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