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AOS API Document

  1. Main API - Intro to AOS API and essential information.
  2. Login API commands - RLogin VO with alternative methods, information on using different login methods - from browsers and DA.
  3. Chat (Meeting) API - Retrieve topics in chat room, get posted messages and post message into chat room topic.
  4. IM API commands - Covered online Instant Message retrieving and sending interface, and related online users information.
  5. Messages API commands - Interact with user mailboxes and retrieving messages.
  6. Send Messages API command - Sending message, with option to save.
  7. Help Navigation System (HNS) - Creates help content based on HNS to offer an integrated help system throughout VO.
  8. Lasso Glue - Server interaction between Lasso and AVO.
  9. Storage API Directory
    * Storage API
    * SNS (Storage Navigation System)
  10. Calendar API - Interface to calendar.
  11. Contact Manager - Interface to Contact Manager.

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