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Developer Reference / AOS API Document / Login

AOS Login API Commands - RFC

Date: 21 Sep. 2000
Available: 21 Oct. 2000
Status: Draft
Compliant to AOS API Version: AOS 2.0b1
Revision: 1 (4 Jan. 2001)

Information on implementing different login method - from browsers and DA.

Command: st.login.mms
Use: Login as valid VO user.
Access: HTTP
Method: POST and GET
Parameters case sensitive: NO, except for password

Standard Method:

Note: The above standard method URL login mainly use on browser.

host = [optional] the user host - usually the second part of the email ( If this parameter voided, the “name” should be in the full VO POP3 ID - which carry a host prefix
name = the user login name - usually the first part of the email (
pswd = the user password
api = [optional] if “lc” is specified, the user session ID will be returned. Or else the full html will be returned.
lang = [optional] the language interface
timezone = [optional] the time zone.

Encrytion Method: Alternative “eyes encryption” format can be used for Local Client or DA:[api]&timezone=[tz]&lang=[languge]

api = [optional] if “lc” is specified, the return result will be the user session ID.
lang = [optional] the language interface.
timezone = [optional] the time zone.
specialID = is a code embedded with user host, name and password. Format: userName|userHost|password Encode in base64.

User email:, password “abc”
The original ID will be:
After base64 encoded:

The final URL

MetaTalk Sample:
put username &“|”& userhost &“|”& userPassword into theID
put base64Encode(theID) into theID

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