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Email Setup Guide for Windows Live Mail (IMAP)

Open your Windows Live Mail and follow the steps below to setup your email on Windows Live Mail with IMAP.

Name: Demo
Email Address:
Type: IMAP


  1. If you are launching Windows Live Mail for the first time, you will be directly prompted to create a new email account. You can skip to step 3 from here.
    Otherwise, go to the [Accounts] tab.
  2. Click [Email].
  3. On “Add your email accounts”, enter your email address on [Email address:].
  4. Key in your email account password on [Password:]. Make sure that the [Remember this password] option is selected.
  5. Then, enter your name in the [Display name for your sent messages:] field.
  6. Check the [Manually configure server settings] checkbox.
  7. Click [Next] to continue.
  8. On the incoming server information (on the left column), select IMAP for the [Server type:].
  9. On [Server address:], key in your mail server, which is
    Make sure that the port number is 143 and do not check the [Requires a secure connection SSL] option.
  10. Select Clear text for [Authenticate using:].
  11. Key in your full email address on [Logon user name:].
  12. On the outgoing server information (on the right column), key in your mail server on [Server address:], which is
    Key in 587 for its [Port].
  13. Check the [Requires authentication] checkbox.
  14. Click [Next] to proceed.
  15. Your email account has been successfully added. Click [Finish] to close the window.

Now, you can access your emails from your Windows Live Mail.

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