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FAQ / Email FAQ / Junk/Spam Control

Junk/ Spam Control

Junk Filtering Setup (Users)

Please follow the steps below to setup your Junk filtering:

  1. Login to your email account
  2. Go to: Profile > Email > Configuration > Junk Settings
  3. Check the checkbox for “Junk Mail filtering enable”
  4. Leverage the sensitivity level – 1 > most sensitive | 10 > less sensitive

. Add all your possible contact to Address book under webmail
. Routine check your Junk folder to avoid lost of genuine email
. Or, download Junk folder email to your mail client (for eg. Outlook Express)
To learn how to download Junk folder mail, please refer to: Getting Email From Junk Mailbox

Recommended Settings:
. When Junk mail detected: Select Move to Junk mailbox option.
. Check the checkbox “Sender is in my Contact list” for “The following types of email are exempted from Junk filtering”.

. Setting the 'Delete' option may result in losing some of your genuine emails.
*After you configure for the Junk setting and you can't find any junk email that divert to the junk folder, you are advised to use the recommended setting for your Junk setting.

Refer the steps with guided image here.

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Getting Email From Junk Mailbox

If you are using POP3 on Ms Outlook, you can get email from Junk mailbox instead of the default Inbox, by specifying -Junk suffix to your login name, like follows:

Note that Junk mailbox name are case sensitive, and it is the only one special mailbox available under POP3 access.

Use IMAP instead of POP3 if you wish to access multiple mailboxes with mail client.

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My important emails are received in my Junk mailbox. Why and what should I do?

When an external user sends an email message to your account, the mail server evaluates the content of the message and assigns the message a ranking based on the probability that the message is a junk mail. Emails could be rated with high junk ranking due to the sender's mail server reputation, the use of inappropriate subject title, or other related factors. The higher the junk ranking, the higher possibility for the email to be delivered onto the Junk mailbox.

There are a few ways you could do to avoid important emails being moved to Junk:

  1. Add the sender as your contact of your Address Book
  2. Global Mail Rules- Pass the sender's domain or email address
  3. Junk Filtering- Increase sensitivity level

For detailed steps please refer to: Why is important email going into my Junk mailbox?

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I am getting too many Junk mails, what should I do?

Afteroffice already filtered off a lot of junk mail at server level. Those that bearing lower junk sensitivity level will be let through for individual users to set their own filtering options.

Individual users may go to their Profile > Statistic to see the composition of their incoming mail and the percentage of junk mail filtered by our servers. This feature only available for our Webmail Pro and Virtual Office subscribers.

Those email that published on your website are bound to receive more junk as they are easily pick up by spammers.

To ease the pain, you may setup the junk filtering options on your webmail.
Please follow the steps here: To enable junk mail option.

If you are using mainly POP and do not login to webmail often to delete your junk mail collected in the Junk mailbox, you can setup your mail client to download the junk mail from time to time.
Refer to the steps in: Getting Email From Junk Mailbox.

*You can enable the automatic Junk mail purging process also by login with the administrator account (usually avomaster), and enable the Junk mail auto-delete option under Profile.

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How to avoid your mails going into your recipient’s spam or junk mailbox

When you send emails, it may, sometimes, end up going into your recipient’s spam or junk folder rather than into his/her inbox folder. This can be annoying as you are trying to communicate but instead of reaching the intended person, the email gets routed into his/her spam. This can be due to the junk filtering rules configured by the recipient’s email service.

We could not change or control the rules set by the other email services. However, there are a few ways that we can do to avoid our mails from going into our recipient’s spam mailbox:

  • Become the contact of your recipients.
  • Avoid sending an email to a very long list of recipients in phased batches.
  • Do not miss out the email subject.
  • Avoid using all CAPITALS, italics and colored font on email subject.
  • Avoid using email subject with more than one exclamation point.
  • Avoid using email subject or body that contains trigger words or phrases such as “free”, “you”, “yours”, “click”, “Viagra”, “porn”, “drugs”, “guaranteed win”, “urgent matter”, “limited-time offer”.
  • Avoid using very large and colored fonts on the email body.
  • Avoid attachments.


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Junk filter hasn't been able to identify some of the junk mail that I've received.

Use “Black list” to block those email.
Go to Email → Options to add the sender's email into Black list (more details here), or click “Block” while you are reading the email in webmail.

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